the plan

- The One Family Movement -

to Establish

World Peace, Unity, and Sustainable Humanitarian Societies

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          The One Family Movement is a practical plan for world peace, created utilizing the works of numerous scholars, scientists, and humanitarians, which the people of our worldwide human family can use to bring an end to wars and major conflicts in our world. The One Family plan can also greatly improve all of our societies, and bring a much higher quality of life to all people by redirecting energy and resources away from conflict, and toward positive, humanitarian endeavors in society. This movement is an opportunity for humanity to choose the guidance and leadership of the well-educated, qualified, and morally upright members of our communities−rather than continuing to accept the mismanagement of those misguided and unqualified elitists whose authority is based only upon violence.

          Bringing the needed changes to our collective societies is the responsibility of all people. Extensive One Family research has concluded that humanity can never rely on the corrupt governments and elitist controllers of current world-systems to bring us peace, nonviolence, harmony, equality, and necessary environmental reforms. Rather, such misguided rulers have historically used wars, violence, conflict, separatisms, corporate monopolies, and economic oppression to control and enslave the populations of the Earth. They have shortsightedly pursued personal material wealth and power, while unwisely destroying culture, and poisoning the environment of the Earth−threatening all living beings.

          By coming together in worldwide unity, through communication and organization, the people of our world can establish new, advanced humanitarian social and economic systems that are peaceful, comfortable, productive, environmentally sustainable, and which serve the best interests of all people equally. This is the agenda of the One Family Movement. Together, our human family can create a much more stable and enjoyable world for all of our families, and for future generations.

Phase One: Unite

One-Year Communication Period


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          The first step to achieving lasting world peace and improving our societies begins within the collective minds of our worldwide human family. In phase one, the people of our world can actively communicate, using all available modern technologies, communications systems, personal networks, art forms, and other media−to share the important foundational ideas and practical details of the One Family Movement.

          The ideas and information that humanity should share during the first phase include: 1) the scientific and rational truth of our oneness as one worldwide human Family; 2) the greater oneness we all share with all living beings, and the Earth itself; 3) understandings of important events in the Earth’s history that have caused separation, forgetfulness, hardships, and competition among the peoples and societies of our human family; 4) the identity, background, and strategies of the ruling elitists, who control our world governments and international money system; 4) the call for humanity to become united as one worldwide family in a grand alliance for the common good of all people, and the Earth; and 5) the strategies and new, advanced systems of society that are critical elements of the One Family Movement plan.

          During this one-year communication period, humanity can share, learn about, and utilize ancient forms of culture, morality, and other wisdom, to help us heal our human family relationships. In this way, our human family can embrace our common traditions of harmonious cooperation, sharing, and nonviolence over futile competition, selfishness, and harmful conflicts. Through learning and communication, we can achieve world peace beginning within ourselves, collectively. In this way, we can redirect our time, energy, and resources away from rivalry, hostilities, and militarism, and toward urgent humanitarian causes in our communities and societies.

Phase TWO: Reorganize

2-3 year Transitional Period


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          Our worldwide human family can smoothly accomplish the transformation−to become a world of unity, harmony, peace, sustainability, and advanced humanitarian systems of society−through a gradual transitional period. Once the majority of humanity is informed, united, and organized (through the communication period of phase one) phase two can begin.

          To successfully transition our societies into advanced One Family systems, humanity should organize to keep our vital industries and systems (such as food production, energy, transportation, and medical care) operating as usual while phasing in the new systems, and phasing out harmful and counter-productive ones (such as militarism and elitist economic systems). Furthermore, much of the time, energy, and resources that are liberated from non-productive sectors of our societies−such as futile elitist militarism and inefficient, bureaucratic, elitist control systems−can be redirected toward important humanitarian causes in our societies. All people will be able to work fewer hours, and have more personal time in a humanitarian system that is efficient, intelligent, and harmonious.

          The transitional economic systems of the One Family Movement consist of workable humanitarian policies designed with a sense of fairness and universal good will. One Family economic systems function according to principles of: 1) natural simplicity 2) resistance to corruption, 3) reasonable economic equality, 4) preserving family and community togetherness, and 5) bureaucratic simplification. One Family economic systems can easily be established by the people−despite corrupt and misguided elitist governments−allowing us to reclaim control over our lands, natural resources, and labor. One Family systems return economic authority, and control over our lives, to the people, dividing it equally among us all.

          One Family Movement economic systems consist of two main branches: 1) the shared essentials policy (covering the basics of life), and 2) the non-essentials credits system (covering the exchange of all non-essential goods and services).

          Under the shared essentials policy, humanity will begin to cooperatively cultivate and freely share all basic essential resources, goods, and services, in the selfless spirit of one human family. Under this policy, land, housing, building materials, water, food, seeds, energy, health care, all levels of education (optional), public transportation, and other vital essentials will be shared. The shared essentials policy will bring great economic stability and numerous benefits to almost all aspects of our lives and societies. It can make our whole world like one great home, for all of humanity to live in.

          The non-essentials credits (NEC) policy of the One Family Movement is an honor system, in which non-essentials credits (NEC) can be earned at regular rates by participating in any productive activities that benefit our communities, including education. In this corruption-limiting system, individuals simply keep track of their own credits balance. This honor system can effectively limit economic corruption in our society to an individual basis, preventing centralized total corruption and minimizing competition. Responsibility, conscience, and economic honesty can be promoted through education, communication, and good community relationships.

          The NEC policy includes three levels of earning, according to the required qualifications, skill-level, and or difficulty of the work. Non-essentials credits can also be transferred between individuals. Under this One Family Movement policy, prices for non-essentials will be rather stable over time, based simply upon the total time that was required to produce the particular goods or perform the particular services. Old money or excess commercial assets can be converted into non-essentials credits using a simple, generous formula.

          Through the NEC system, humanity can transcend the inherent corruption of the competitive elitist capitalist economic control systems, to establish fair, cooperative, humanitarian systems.

          To successfully organize and maintain our communities and societies, the One Family Movement calls for the formation of two types of localized management councils during the early stages of the transitional phase. In this way, our human family can weave our families, communities, and societies into strong, interconnected, cooperative networks. These organizations include: 1) One Family Regional Councils (OFRC), and 2) Local Community Councils (LCC). These management councils, drawing from the most trusted and qualified persons in our communities, will work together to ensure the optimal care of our worldwide human family.

          The purpose−and responsibility−of the One Family Regional Councils is to help to care for all people in their local regions, and for the worldwide human family. The One Family Regional councils−formed near major universities among local graduates, elders, and community leaders−will function to entrust the management and care of our societies with the most qualified humanitarians and well-educated specialists. The Regional Councils can help to organize and coordinate experts from various fields to create and maintain all needed societal infrastructure and essentials in their respective regions, such as: water supply, food production and distribution, housing, transportation, communications systems, health care, and educational facilities.

          Local Community Councils (LCC) are designed to be familiar, personal organizations. They will be made up of one or two individuals from each household, in relatively small areas, blocks, or neighborhoods. Local Community councils will meet regularly to address community issues, security, and maintenance. LCC representatives can regularly raise and discuss local and regional needs and issues at regional (OFRC) council meetings.

          One Family Regional Councils will coordinate the formation of regional One Family Service Organizations (OFSO). The OFSO will bring together various trades-people, companies, and technical specialists, to construct and maintain all essential infrastructure, and to help with other humanitarian societal needs in their regions. During the transitional phase, military equipment, facilities, structures, and industrial operations can be recycled, repurposed, renovated, and retooled, respectively to provide materials, equipment, components, and other supplies for strictly nonviolent humanitarian OFSO purposes.

          One Family Movement systems place security responsibilities in the hands of familiar local community groups. This arrangement will reduce corruption and abuses of security positions, and make security practices safer for all. The needed number of Local Community Safety Representatives can be nominated, elected, and monitored by Local Community Councils. Safety Representatives will be entrusted with security duties within their local communities only.

          Other One Family Movement reforms during the transitional phase will include: 1) changes to our production and usage of fuel and energy (to promote sustainability and environmental protection), 2) the formation of Land and Housing Services Offices (to serve the land, housing, community facility, and infrastructure needs of the regional and local communities), 3) alterations in the uses of various industrial chemicals and processes in our societies (for the protection of the environment of the Earth), and the encouragement of beneficial migration (to promote development in warmer climate zones, which require the use of less energy and resources).

          Many forms of ancient cultural knowledge, practices, and morality, from pre-ice-age affected periods can be utilized today to help propel humanity toward healing, recovery, and world unity. Such ancient forms of culture include: 1) understandings of the oneness of all people, all life forms, and the Earth; 2) an attitude of respect, kindness, and gentleness toward all life forms and the environment of the Earth; 3) practices of sharing, exchange, giving, and generosity among families and communities; and 4) family and extended kinship connections as the true, natural foundation for communities and societies.

Phase Three

A New Beginning


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The end of the transitional phase of the One Family Movement will be a subtle new beginning for the families, communities, and societies of our worldwide human family. In this third phase, humanity will continue to heal and develop, strengthened by new foundations of unity, communication, cooperation, sharing, and nonviolence.

          New One Family systems will result in more comfortable lives for humanity by helping people to live and operate within the natural environments of human beings. These comfortable environments include being closer to nature, and among family, friends, and our familiar communities. Families and communities will be able to establish an abundance of family businesses, family farms, trades, community factories, services, marketplaces, and other community operations.

          Our human family also needs new collective mental models, to help us to heal and protect the living environment of our planet. A new way of thinking about nature will help humanity to collectively understand how all living things, and the environment of the Earth, fit together within the vital ecosystems and biosphere of our planet. Recognizing the Earth-body as a higher level of our own self-identity can inspire 1) respect, kindness, and gentleness toward all living beings, 2) non-pollution and non-destruction of the environment, and 3) sustainable ways of living on the Earth.