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Unite as One Worldwide Human Family

New Humanitarian Systems of Society

Universal High-Quality Housing, Food, Medical, and Other Essentials shared freely among all people (Shared Essentials Policy)

A simple, fair Credits System for Non-Essentials (NEC)

The End of Organized Violence and Wars−and the massive redirection of resources to our communities and societies

Responsible Humanitarian Management Systems

Intelligent Environmental Reforms to protect the Earth


how pleasant our whole world could be−

­Our families, communities, and our Earth−

If our societies were managed responsibly.

Humanity has everything we need to bring forth

World Peace and humanitarian societies

Of equality, stability, and great comfort.

We can correct the mismanagement of our societies

By consciously uniting as One Worldwide Family.

By remembering our common identity

As fellow members of One Human Family

We can transcend elitists, who conquer and divide,

To heal world-relationships, and better our lives.

Take part

in the new movement of the people...

Take part in the new movement of the people to establish lasting World Peace−and environmentally sustainable humanitarian societies for all peoples, worldwide.

Together, we can create a caring world of nonviolence, equality, stability, comfort, and abundance for all. It is up to us.

Humanity already possesses all of the knowledge, communications capabilities, technologies, and resources needed to establish World Peace and ethical societies of reasonable equality and comfortable abundance. In our modern age, it is absurd that wars, organized violence, and various forms of oppression and neglect are still taking place. Unfortunately, humanity’s knowledge and assets are not being properly used by the corrupt and immoral elitists who control and manipulate our world systems. The ongoing results of this selfish and short-sighted mismanagement are war, violence, poverty, homelessness, crime, and environmental devastation.

The principles

important truths about our human family


The important central foundation of the One Family Movement is the truth of the universal relationship that all people share−as common members of ONE WORLDWIDE HUMAN FAMILY.

All human beings share common ancient origins and ancestors. This relationship is confirmed by many sciences (including biology, genetics, and anthropology). This universal relationship can also be recognized in our common human-family resemblance−the basic form and truths-of-being shared by all members of the human species.



As our human family grew and expanded to all parts of our planet, we came to be separated and isolated by great distances, oceans, deserts, mountains, ice, and other natural barriers. Over long periods of time, this isolation in different climates and environments has created a diversity of appearances, languages, and cultures. In this way, humanity has often become forgetful of the deep family connection and oneness that we all share.

Serious hardships, caused by natural climate changes and other shifts in our environments, have often caused groups of our human family to compete and conflict with one another. Such challenges to our communities and survival have, at times, made friendship and harmony more difficult throughout the long history of humankind.


Humanity can come together in unity through:

1) communication: to achieve collective consciousness of our oneness, and

2) organization: to overcome elitist manipulation and domination.

Collective consciousness of our universal relationship−as one worldwide human family−can be achieved through the use of all available technologies, methods, and networks.

Cooperation and nonviolence are far superior to competition and violent conflict. Greater efficiency and harmony can be enjoyed if our societies intelligently choose a future path of nonviolence and cooperation.

Fairly Sharing the Earth

All people have a natural right to use a fair share of the lands and natural resources of the Earth. Nature provides all such natural resources freely to all living beings. Overcoming elitist corporate monopolies, control systems, and gross economic inequality can benefit all of humanity greatly. In this way, our worldwide human family can enjoy relief from poverty, hunger, homelessness, exploitation, economic slavery, and many related societal problems.

The large amounts of time, energy, resources, and manpower that our societies use for militarism and conflict can be intelligently redirected toward important, practical humanitarian social causes. This shift can bring better, safer lives to our human family.

The One Family Movement

is a complete, practical plan ...

The One Family Movement Book Paperback Amazon YouTube
The One Family Movement Book

The one family movement is a complete, practical plan that the people of our worldwide human family can use to rapidly overcome the corruption and irresponsible mismanagement that are keeping our world from reaching its true potential. The complete, simple plan is available in 1) free online videos [YouTube etc.], 2) books and ebooks, and 3) on the One Family Movement official website.

To discover the exact causes of the problems that afflict our world societies−and lasting solutions−humanitarian anthropological scholar and author Jay Deva has dedicated decades to extensive formal studies and world peace research. Drawing also from the work of exceptional scholars, humanitarians, scientists, and activists from around the world, the resulting ONE FAMILY PLAN consists of three phases:



A one-year communication period−to share and popularize the One Family plan and principles, using all available technologies, venues, media, and personal/professional networks.



A 2-3 year transition period in which our united human family adopts new humanitarian One Family systems, such as the shared-essentials policy, the non-essentials credits system, Regional and Local One Family Councils, and others.

In a coordinated shift, the people of our worldwide human family will replace the old, corrupt systems and institutions that are based on war, violence, gross inequality, and class-oppression with new, cutting-edge, localized humanitarian systems of societal management. Simple, efficient, modern, and nonviolent, the One Family systems represent how wonderful our world can be, when organized by well-educated humanitarian scholars and specialists – instead of elitists, whose power is founded upon wars, violence, social-class oppression, deception, and corrupt economic manipulation.




A new beginning−of harmony and environmental sustainability−for our worldwide human family. Join the growing worldwide alliance that can accomplish this quantum leap for humankind−and save our planet!

TAKE PART in the growing worldwide alliance of the people that can accomplish this quantum leap for humankind−and save our planet!

We are all members of One Family.

Welcome home.